Industry Track

List of Industry Track Papers accepted in AIML Systems 2022

1. Performance improvement of reinforcement learning algorithms for online 3D bin packing using FPGA, [Paper ID: 21]

Authors: Kavya Borra (TCS)*; Ashwin Krishnan (TCS Research); Harshad Khadilkar (TCS Research); Manoj Nambiar (TCS); Ansuma Basumatary (TCS); Rekha Singhal (TCS); Arijit Mukherjee (TCS Research)  

2. Automated Deep Learning Model Partitioning for Heterogeneous Edge Devices, [Paper ID: 23]

Authors: Arijit Mukherjee (TCS Research)*; Swarnava Dey (TCS Research, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.)

3. Performance Evaluation of gcForest inferencing on multi-core CPU and FPGA, [Paper ID: 28]

Authors: Piyush Manavar (TCS)*; Sharyu Vijay Mukhekar (TCS); Manoj Nambiar (TCS)

4. Health Assurance: AI Model Monitoring Platform, [Paper ID: 30]

Authors: Anirban I Ghosh (LinkedIn)*; Radhika Sharma (LinkedIn); Karan Goyal (LinkedIn); Balakarthikeyan Rajan (LinkedIn); Senthil Mani (LinkedIn)

5. Efficient Vector Store System for Python using Shared Memory, [Paper ID: 47]

Authors: Dhruv H Patel (Myntra)*; Shrey Pandey (Myntra); Abhishek Sharma (Myntra)

6. Address Location Correction System for Q-commerce, [Paper ID: 56]

Authors: Yaswanth Reddy (Bundl Technologies (Swiggy)); Sumanth Sadu (Bundl Technologies (Swiggy)); Abhinav Ganesan (Bundl Technologies (Swiggy))*; Jose Mathew (Swiggy)

7. How Provenance helps Quality Assurance Activities in AI/ML Systems, [Paper ID: 65]

Authors: Takao Nakagawa (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology); Kenichiro Narita (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology); Kyoung-Sook Kim (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)*