Call for Demo & Exhibits

Demos submissions due: 5th August 2024,  11:59 pm AOE

The FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AI-ML SYSTEMS invites demos from industry, academia, and startups showcasing cutting-edge technologies and their applications. AIML is a premier international conference dedicated to advances in Networking and Communication Systems. AIML 2024 will be held in North America, (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), during 8-11 OCTOBER 2024.

All accepted demos will be published in the conference proceedings. Please consult the Demos & Exhibits chairs for any exceptions.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI)–generated text in an article shall be disclosed in the acknowledgments section of any paper submitted to an IEEE Conference or Periodical. The sections of the paper that use AI-generated text shall have a citation to the AI system used to generate the text

Submission link:

  • Submission deadline: 5th August 2024, AoE
  • Notification of Acceptance: 26th August 2024, AoE
  • Final Submission: 9th September 2024, AoE

Topics of Interest

The areas of interest are broadly categorized into the following three streams: (including but not limited to)

  • CPU/GPU architectures for AI-ML
  • Specialized/Embedded hardware for AI-ML workloads
  • Data intensive systems for efficient and distributed training
  • Challenges in production deployment of AI-ML systems
  • AI-ML programming models, languages, and abstractions
  • AI-ML compilers and runtime
  • Efficient systems for data preparation and processing
  • Systems for visualization of data, models, and predictions
  • Testing, debugging, and monitoring of AI-ML applications
  • Cloud-computing for machine and deep learning
  • Machine and deep learning “as-a-service”
  • Tiny Machine Learning
  • Embedded and Edge AI
  • Pervasive AI
  • Federated, distributed and parallel learning algorithms
  • MLOps (data collection, monitoring and re-training)
  • Efficient inference for deep learning models
  • Logging mechanisms for deep learning models
  •  AI-ML for VLSI and architecture design
  •  AI-ML in compiler optimization
  • AI-ML in data management – including database optimizations, virtualization, etc.
  • AI-ML for networks – design of networks, load modeling, etc.
  • AI-ML for power management – green computing, power models, etc.
  • AI-ML for Cloud Computing
  • AI-ML for IOT networks
  • AI-ML for HPC
  • Deep Learning Architecture and applications
  • Computer Vision and Image processing
  • Natural language processing and understanding
  • Speech signal processing and Socio-Economic Systems
  • AI-ML in cyber-physical systems
  • Privacy, Security, and Robustness in AI-ML systems
  • Ethics in AI-ML systems
  • Fairness, Transparency, Interpretability and Explainability in AI-ML
  • Sustainable AI-ML
  • AI for Healthcare
  • AI for Resource Allocation, Econometrics, and Finance
  • AI for Energy
  • AI for Transportation and Built Environment
  • AI for Climate Change & Sustainability
  • AI for Education
  • AI for Art, Music, and Sound
Submission Guidelines

We invite the authors to submit their original work(s) in the following two categories:

  1. Research Demos: The authors are requested to submit an extended abstract no longer than three pages including all figures and references, describing the demo and any special requirements. The formatting must adhere to the Main Conference Guidelines. Submissions not adhering to the conference template will be rejected without review. Submissions must be in PDF format.
  2. Product & Startup Demos: The authors are requested to submit a proposal no longer than three pages that outline the motivation, technologies, and use cases that will be demoed.
  3. Submission links: TBD

At least one author of an accepted demo is expected to register for the conference and present the demo in person.

Demo Setup

The following default setup will be available for each demo physically (there might be minor last-minute changes):

  • A single 6 x 2.5 ft. table.
  • Extension power cable/multi-point (the organizers would highly appreciate if suitable power adapters are brought by the participants. India uses a 220V/5A power supply with Indian power sockets though in some cases the power sockets might allow for US-style power plugs)
  • A single easel for displaying any related poster that must be of size 4x3ft landscape mode.
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi connection for demo presenters.