8-11 October 2024
Louisiana State University | Baton Rouge, USA


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This is the fourth edition of AIMLSystems targeting the research in the intersection of Systems Engineering and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques. Also, this is the first time AIML Systems is being held in North America (Baton Rouge, Lousiana).

Through this conference, we plan to examine how immense strides in AI/ML techniques are made possible through advances in the computational systems and how the use of AI/ML can help in the data-driven explorations of the design space of the computational systems. We also investigate how new breeds of AI/ML systems enable new forms of socio-techno-economic systems and they in turn generate new requirements for research in AI/ML techniques.


Michael Jordan

UC Berkeley, USA

Kavita Bala

Cornell University, USA

Deepak Bansal

Microsoft Azure, USA

Shree Nayar

Columbia University, USA

Andrew Adamatzky

UWE Bristol, UK