Industry Track Accepted Paper

1. CONRAD: Cognitive Intent Driven 5G Network Slice Planning and Design

Authors: Ajay Kattepur (Ericsson)*; Swarup Kumar Mohalik (Ericsson); Ian Burdick (Ericsson); Marin Orlic (Ericsson); Leonid Mokrushin (Ericsson)

2. Uncovering Critical Products in Retail Baskets: A Predictive Modelling Approach to Increase Order Fulfilment

Authors: Preeti Gopal (Walmart Global Tech)*; Sivaram Prasad Mudunuri (Walmart Global Tech); Sumit Dutta (Walmart Global Tech); Kamiya Motwani (Walmart Global Tech)

3. Maximizing Success Rate of Payment Routing using Non-stationary Bandits

Authors: Aayush Chaudhary (Dream11)*; Abhinav Rai (Dream11); Abhishek Gupta (The Ohio State University)

4. t-RELOAD: A REinforcement Learning-based Recommendation for Outcome-driven Application

Authors: Debanjan Sadhukhan (Games24x7 Pvt Ltd)*; Sachin Kumar (Games 24×7 Pvt Ltd); Swarit Sankule (Games 24×7 Pvt Ltd); Tridib Mukherjee (Games24x7)

5. Physics Guided Generative Learning for Domain Adaptable Data Synthesis : Progressive Fault Synthesization for Predictive Machine Maintenance

Authors: Soma Bandyopadhyay (Tata Consultancy Services)*; Anish Datta (Tata Consultancy Services); Mudassir Ali Sayyed (Fraunhofer Enas); Tapas Chakravarty (Tata Consultancy Services); Arpan Pal (Tata Consultancy Services); Chirabrata Bhaumik (Tata Consultancy Services)

6. SToRM: Smart ticket resolution steps recommendation in facilities management

Authors: Rishav Gupta (Walmart Global Tech)*; Abhijeet Pandey (Walmart Global Tech); Abhishek Mishra (Walmart Global Tech)

7. Metric Learning based Shelf Item Recognition on Images from Autonomous Robots

Authors: Raghava Balusu (Walmart Global Tech); Lingfeng Zhang (Walmart Global Tech); Abhinav Pachauri (Walmart Global Tech); Han Zhang (Walmart Global Tech); Avinash Jade (Walmart Global Tech); Ashlin Ghosh (Walmart Global Tech); Siddhartha Chakraborty (Walmart Global Tech)*; Zhaoliang Duan (Walmart Global Tech)

8. Adapting Open-Source LLMs for Contract Drafting and Analyzing Multi-Role vs. Single-Role Behavior of ChatGPT for Synthetic Data Generation

Authors: Jaykumar Kasundra (Thomson Reuters)*; Shreyans Dhankhar (Thomson Reuters)

9. Noisy Text Data: foible of popular Transformer based NLP models

Authors: Kartikay Bagla (Chaos Genius); Shivam Gupta (Ninja Salary); Ankit Kumar (Clearfeed)*; Anuj Gupta (Clearfeed)

1. Accelerating Causal Algorithms for Industrial-scale Data: A Distributed Computing Approach with Ray Framework

Authors: Vishal Verma (Dream11)*; Vinod Reddy (Dream11)

2. FENCE: Fairplay Ensuring Network Chain Entity for Real-Time Multiple ID Detection at Scale In Fantasy Sports

Authors: Vishal Verma (Dream11)*; Akriti Upreti (Dream11); Kartavya Kothari (Dream11); Utkarsh Thukral (Dream11)

3. Vigil: Effective end-to-end monitoring for large-scale recommender systems at Glance

Authors: Priyansh Saxena (Glance)*; Manisha R (Glance)

4. Machine Learning Driven Performance Benchmarking for Energy Efficiency

Authors: Mandeep Singh (Walmart Global Tech)*; Viraj Patel (Walmart Global Tech); Ritik Kumar (Walmart Global Tech)