Message from Chairs

General Chairs

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 3rd edition of AI-ML Systems Conference to be held from October 25-28th, 2023 in Bengaluru. AI-ML Systems Conference has grown quickly over the last three years and the 3rd edition promises to be the largest yet. We have arranged an exciting four-day program for you at The Chancery Pavilion, Bengaluru. The main conference spans three days from October 25th through 28th and it is followed by a day of workshops. The main conference includes keynotes by four highly distinguished researchers: Christopher De Sa, Cornell University, USA on the 25th, Svetha Venkatesh from Deakin University, Australia and Milind Tambe from Google Research/Harvard University, USA on the 26th, and Sanghamitra Badyopadhyay from Indian Statistical Institute, India on the 27th. We have also arranged a banquet talk by Sridhar Vembu, Founder and CEO, Zoho Corporation on the evening of the 27th.

The main conference program is organized by Technical Program Committee (TPC) co-chairs, Venkatesh Babu, Dileep Kalathil and Deepti Ghadiyaram. They have carefully selected 22 papers from the open call for presentation. Furthermore, there is an Industrial Track, focused on research related to deploying learning systems in the real world, organized by the co-chairs Atul Batra, Milind Gandhe, Rahul Ghosh, and Veena Mendiratta. They have selected 8 papers for the presentation and 3 invited talks. Finally, the AI India track, organized by the co-chairs Dinesh Babu and Konda Reddy Mopuri, is aimed at showcasing top research contributions from Indian researchers, and will have 13 paper presentations.

The conference program also includes three panel discussions organized by Subrato De, Supratik Mukhopadhyay and Debdoot Mukherjee, and 23 demos in the demos-and-exhibit sessions organized by Anupam Purwar, Swaroop Hangal and Tridib Mukherjee.

The main conference is followed by two workshops: Generative AI and Sustainable AI for Edge, organized by the workshop co-chairs Arpan Pal, Danish Pruthi, Sunayana Sitaram and Anupam Purwar.

Running such a large conference with modest registration fees requires significant external financial support. Our sponsorship chairs, Giridhar Mandyam and Rajeev Shorey have managed to raise a record sponsorship amount for the conference thanks to generous support from our corporate patrons: gold patrons MINRO, IIIT Bangalore, Amazon, Walmart Global Tech, silver patrons Microsoft, Kotak IISc AI-ML Centre, Google, and bronze patrons TCS research, BOSCH, Logituit, Akridata, Vehant Technologies, Games 24×7, and Centific. We are also grateful to our publication partner River Publishers, our knowledge partner ISB Institute of Data Science, technology partner Wadhwani AI, and travel grant partner ACM SIGAI. The organization of the conference is also supported by publications chair Anirban Chakraborty, web co-chairs Siddharth Jaiswal and Vivek Yadav, IT co-chairs Ananda Krishna and Raj Sharma, publicity co-chairs Arnab Bhattacharya, Alessandro Falcetta, Rekha Singhal, Shantanu Pal, Sumant Kulkarni, and Carlos Westphall, Social Media co-chairs Ekant Sharma, Prem Singh and Sanmukh R., and Finance and Registration co-chairs Chandrika Sridhar and Sushma Srinivasan. The success of the conference requires immense effort from a number of volunteers, and we express our sincere thanks to them.

AI-ML Systems is technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society and IEEE Computer Society, Bangalore Chapter, and is presented in-cooperation with ACM, ACM SIGAI, ACM SIGMOD, KDD, and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India. We are grateful to all these organizations for their support.
Last but not the least, we thank our steering committee, Uday Desai, Anurag Kumar, Giridhar Mandyam, Huzur Saran, Rajeev Shorey and G. Venkatesh. We would especially like to call out the dedication of Rajeev Shorey who went above and beyond the work of the steering committee by overseeing all aspects of the AI-ML Systems conference.

Once again, welcome and we hope that you have a great time in Bengaluru.

Kavita Bala, Jitendra Malik, and Ramachandran Ramjee

Steering Committee

We are pleased to introduce the third edition of the International Conference on AIML Systems. As in the previous years, the conference is in-cooperation with ACM, ACM SIGAI, ACM SIGMOD and ACM SIGKDD. IEEE Computational Intelligence Society is a Technical Co-Sponsor of the conference. The conference is in partnership with the Ministru of In addition, the conference includes four keynote talks from well-known researchers in the area of machine learning. This year, the banquet talk will be delivered by Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho Corporation. The conference incorporates a strong technical program derived from a pool of outstanding submissions. The conference includes a research track and an industry track. There are three Panel discussions and Demos & Exhibits spread over the three days of the main conference. For the first time, the AIMLSystems conference will include Workshops on current and cutting edge topics. The first Workshop is on Sustainable AI for Edge and the second Workshop is on Generative AI. The AI India session is being hosted for the first time at the AIMLSystems conference. Inspired by the success of Vision India session organized in the ICVGIP conference in the last few years, the AIMLSystems organizing committee decided to organize this session with top-tier conference papers in AI, ML, and AI-ML systems, published in the last one year. The conference was put together with the hard work and diligence of the organizing committee. We recognize the tremendous efforts of the General Chairs – Prof. Kavita Bala (Cornell University), Prof. Jitendra Malik (The University of California at Berkeley) and Dr. Ram Ramjee (Microsoft Research, India). We recognize the herculean efforts of the Technical Program Committee Chair Prof. Venkatesh Babu (Indian Institute of Science) and the Industry Track Chairs – Atul Batra, Milind Gandhe, Rahul Ghosh and Veena Mendiratta, who were instrumental in ensuring a strong technical program. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the entire organizing committee for their efforts in ensuring an outstanding, high quality and packed four day event. The steering committee truly appreciates the generous sponsorships provided by the Gold Sponsors (MINRO, Amazon, and WalMart), Silver Sponsors (KOTAK-IISc AI-ML Centre, Microsoft, and Google), and Bronze Sponsors (TCS Research, Bosch, Logituit, Akridata, Vehant Technologies, Games24x7, and Centific). We are also grateful to the conference partners – ISB Institute of Data Science (Knowledge Partner), River Publishers (Publications Partner), Wadhwani AI (Technology Partner) and ACM SIGAI (Travel Grants Partner). We extremely grateful for the sincere and determined efforts of the student volunteers who have been helping us since the last one month and who would be essentially running the conference for the four days. We welcome you to AIMLSystems 2023, and hope you get the most from this conference and from Bengaluru.

Uday Desai, IIT Hyderabad, India
Anurag Kumar, IISc Bangalore, India
Giridhar Mandyam, Qualcomm, USA
Huzur Saran, IIT Delhi, India
Rajeev Shorey, IIT Delhi, India
G Venkatesh, SASKEN, India

Panel Co-Chairs

Welcome to the AI-ML Systems conference, 2023. The conference is into its third year, targeting research and industry work in the interaction of Systems Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. We are continuing the tradition of panel discussions, with active participation of experts both from industry and academia. This year we are expecting the panel discussion to be more exciting as all the participants will be onsite. We have three thought-provoking panels: generative AI, AI for environment and earth sciences, and AI for healthcare and biology. The panels thereby cover the depth and breadth of latest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The three panels are on different days (Oct 25th, 26th, and 27th) of the main conference and scheduled late in the afternoon. Each panel has a moderator and three panelists. Through the personal views of the panelists and interaction with the audience, the panels will try to understand the unique industry and research challenges, capabilities, limitations, ethical and policy issues, etc., in these evolving domains of AI and ML.


We would like to thank the steering committee of the AI-ML Systems conference for giving us the opportunity to serve as panel co-chairs. We also thank the general co-chairs and the rest of the organizing committee for their support. We look forward to meeting you all at the conference.



Subrato De                                                                Supratik Mukhopadhyay                                Debdoot Mukherjee

Qualcomm, USA                                                        Louisiana State University, USA                  Head of AI, Meesho

Technical Program Co-Chairs

Welcome to AI-ML Systems 2023, now in its remarkable 3rd edition! This conference serves as a dynamic platform to delve into the remarkable convergence of AI/ML techniques and cutting-edge computational systems. We explore how these advancements enable data-driven explorations in computational system design and their far-reaching implications on socio-techno-economic systems. This year, we are excited to host the conference from October 25th to 28th, 2023, in Bangalore, India.


Our technical program comprises 22 exceptional research track papers, meticulously chosen from a pool of 45 submissions. In the industry track, we have selected a total of 12 papers, with 8 oral presentations and 4 posters, from an impressive 24 submissions. The conference further boasts two engaging workshops and an interactive demo track.


The Generative AI Workshop has accepted 8 outstanding papers out of 15 valid submissions, while the Sustainable AI for Edge (SAI4E) workshop enthusiastically welcomed 4 out of 9 high-quality papers. In the demo track, we are thrilled to present 20 remarkable demos out of 23 submissions, showcasing the latest AI innovations.


This year, we proudly introduce a special track, “AI India”, offering Indian authors a platform to showcase their work featured in esteemed international AI conferences. This platform encourages the exchange of pioneering research, fostering invaluable interactions, and further expanding knowledge. AI India will feature thirteen papers published in top-tier international AI venues.

The conference is enriched by 4 keynote addresses by eminent global AI experts and 5 distinguished invited talks by leading figures from both industry and academia. Additionally, we have curated five thought-provoking panel discussions covering a spectrum of vital topics, including “Generative AI”, “AI for Environment and Sustainability”, and “AI for Healthcare and Biology.”

We look forward to a conference filled with innovation, insightful discussions, and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas. Welcome to AI-ML Systems 2023!

Warm regards,

TPC Chairs, AIML Systems 2023

Workshop Chairs

The First International Workshop on Sustainable AI for Edge (SAI4E 2023)

With the rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, the integration of AI into edge devices has gained significant attention. Edge computing, which enables data processing closer to the source of generation, has become essential for applications requiring real-time, low-latency, and privacy-sensitive computation. Moreover, the emerging field of neuromorphic computing, inspired by the architecture and functionality of the human brain, offers promising opportunities for efficient and intelligent edge computing systems.

This workshop, with a special focus on industry applications, aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts from academia and industry to delve into the realm of sustainable AI for the edge, emphasizing the convergence of edge computing and neuromorphic computing. By combining the principles of edge computing’s decentralized approach with the brain-inspired computing paradigm of neuromorphic systems, we can explore innovative solutions that address the challenges of scalability, energy efficiency, and adaptability in AI deployments at the edge.

The workshop will comprise of relevant keynote talks, invited papers, tutorials from industry and academia to highlight the challenges that exist in realizing the potential for low-power embedded intelligence at the edge and a panel discussion. The invited talks cover a wide range of topics around Explainable AI at Edge, Edge AI for Industrial and Automotive Applications, and Neuro-inspired AI. The tutorial cover hands-on real-life experience on TinyML. The panel discussion asks pertinent questions around challenges and future directions of sustainable AI.

I am truly grateful to all the invited speakers, panellists and contributed speakers of the workshop for enabling us to create a value-adding technical program. The workshop accepted 4 papers out of 9 submitted (44% acceptance) after a rigorous review process and these will be included in the proceedings of AIMLSys. We would like to thank the AIMLSys Steering Committee for giving us the opportunity to serve as the Workshop Co-Chairs for SAI4E 2023. I wish good luck to all the speakers and presenters and hope of having a successful physical event. We look forward to meeting you all during the conference.


Arpan Pal, TCS Research

Workshop Chair

Industry Track Chairs

Welcome to AI-ML Systems 2023!

This is the 3rd edition of the conference that focuses on research and enterprise activity at the

intersection of Systems Engineering and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques.

For the Industry Track, this year’s program consists of 9 contributed papers, 3 invited talks, and 4 posters from leading industry and university experts working on the design and implementation of solutions and systems for practical tasks at the intersection of AI/ML and computer systems.

All the submissions will be digitally published in the IEEE Xplore library as the proceedings of AI-ML Systems 2023.

We received 26 submissions, of which 25 were sent for review. The TPC consisted of 35 members from academia and industry from around the world. The final program consisting of 9 papers and 4 posters was chosen through a rigorous review process. We would like to thank all the Industry Track TPC members for their time and efforts.

The 9 accepted papers and the 3 invited talks have been divided into 7 themes and will be presented on

Wednesday, October 25, 2023 (Day 1 of the conference).

We would like to thank the Steering Committee for giving us the opportunity to serve as the Industry Track Co-Chairs for this conference and the general co-chairs and the rest of the organizing committee of AI-ML Systems 2023 for their co-operation.

Atul Batra, Milind Gandhe, Rahul Ghosh, Veena Mendiratta

Industry Track Co-Chairs

Demo Chairs

Welcome to the inaugural Demos & Exhibits session at AI-ML SYSTEMS 2023! The Demos and Exhibits session at AI-ML SYSTEMS offers a first-of-a-kind platform for academic and industry researchers, including startups, to showcase their latest research, products, or prototypes that demonstrate advances in AI/ML automation, scalability, optimization, and innovative applications cutting across structured and unstructured data, e.g., text, image, speech and video.

This year the event is hosted during 25-28 Oct 2023, in Bangalore, India. We will have ~30 demos (PROVIDE EXACT NUMBER) for the Demos & Exhibits track at AI-ML SYSTEMS 2023. The demo authors were provided a choice to publish their demo papers in the digital proceedings of the conference. The accepted demos will be showcased by the corresponding presenters throughout the first two days of the conference, i.e., 25th and 26th Oct.

We are happy to share that we are having an exciting agenda with the Demos & Exhibits session hosting transformative and diverse AI technologies and systems across Robotics, IoT, Healthcare, Mobility and other industry applications. Specifically, the demos across these domains touch upon various aspects of search, query optimization, object and pattern recognition, MLOps, as well as a wide variety of innovative applications and adaptations of foundational AI models such as LLMs. We believe most of these systems can not only catalyse the AI driven future of the society but also spark the genesis of many such transformative systems.

We, as co-chairs of Demos & Exhibits at AI-ML SYSTEMS 2023, wish to express our sincere gratitude towards the conference General Chairs, TPC Co-chairs, Steering Committee, Virtual platform Co-chairs, Web Chair, and Publications Co-chairs for their support and guidance. We would also like to thank the sponsors, delegates at the conference, and most significantly, all the demo presenters for a very exciting and engaging session. We would love to get feedback from all the participants of this event. It was truly a wonderful experience to organize the Demos & Exhibits at AI-ML SYSTEMS 2023! We hope you enjoy this session!

AI India Chairs

Welcome to AI India @ AI-ML Systems 2023!! AI India session is being hosted for the first time @ the AI-ML Systems conference. Inspired by the success of Vision India session organized in the ICVGIP conference in the last few years, the AI-ML Systems organizing committee decided to organize this session with top-tier conference papers in AI, ML, and AI-ML systems, published in the last one year. We mandated that an Indian lab carries out the significant part of the work.

In particular, we enlisted the following venues:






We received 14 submissions, out of which 13 were accepted, published in the following venues as main papers.

NeurIPS 2023, ICML 2023

AAAI 2023 (2 papers), IJCAI 2023

ACL 2022, ACL 2023, EMNLP 2022

CVPR 2023, ICCV 2023

SIGIR 2023 (2 papers), WWW 2023

Registration fees have been waived to the author-presenters so as to encourage them to attend and participate in AIML Systems sessions and events.

We would like to thank the AIML Systems PC Co-chairs and the Steering Committee for giving us the opportunity to serve as the AI India Co-Chairs for AIML Systems 2023. We wish good luck to all the presenters of the selected papers. We hope this session will further the goal of building the AI community in India and motivate the AIML Systems participants to aspire to publish in the top venues of AI research as well.


Dr. Dinesh Babu                                                      Dr. Konda Reddy

IIIT, Bangalore                                                        IIT, Hyderabad, India