Workshop 1: First International Workshop on Sustainable AI for Edge (SAI4E) 2023

With the rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, the integration of AI into edge devices has gained significant attention. Edge computing, which enables data processing closer to the source of generation, has become essential for applications requiring real-time, low-latency, and privacy-sensitive computation. Moreover, the emerging field of neuromorphic computing, inspired by the architecture and functionality of the human brain, offers promising opportunities for efficient and intelligent edge computing systems. The First International Workshop on Sustainable AI for Edge (SAI4E 2023), as part of AIMLSys 2023, with a special focus on industry applications, aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts from academia and industry to delve into the realm of sustainable AI for the edge, emphasizing the convergence of edge computing and neuromorphic computing. By combining the principles of edge computing’s decentralized approach with the brain-inspired computing paradigm of neuromorphic systems, we can explore innovative solutions that address the challenges of scalability, energy efficiency, and adaptability in AI deployments at the edge.

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Workshop 2: Generative AI

Recent progress in generative models have resulted in models that can produce realistic text, images and video that can potentially revolutionize the way humans work, create content and interact with machines. The workshop on Generative AI at AIMLSystems will focus on the entire life-cycle of building and deploying such Generative AI systems, including data collection and processing, developing systems and requisite infrastructure, applications it enables, and the ethics associated with such technology covering concerns related to fairness, transparency and accountability. We invite original, unpublished work on Artificial Intelligence with a focus on generative AI and their use cases.

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